Coaching Appointments Policy

Coaching Appointments Policy

The Mosman Swans coaching appointment process encourages the rotation of coaches through a 2/3 year cycle.

The rationale being:

  • kids benefit from a number of coaches through the course of their junior career, getting a diversity of learning experiences and multiple mentors.
  • tap more of the parental resources within the club, helping us to identify interested parties, making more positions available and participation more accessible.
  • in time develop a pool of experience, with former coaches and aspiring coaches adding to the team support.

Appointment process

At the end of each season we call for expressions of interest in all coaching & assistant coaching positions.

Where more than one person is interested in a head coaching position we will discuss alternatives with the applicants. If required, a three person selection panel (comprising club president, football manager and coaching mentor) will make an appointment, with following considerations:

  • Incumbent coach nominating for a second season receives favourable bias to capitalise on their experience and reward their effort.
  • No bias for third season. If a coach is appointed for a third season there is an expectation they will aim to identify and groom a potential successor during that season.
  • Bias towards a new coach if incumbent nominating for a fourth season. Time given in assistant coaching role viewed favourably in selection process.

Aspiring and retiring coaches are encouraged to take on support roles whenever possible, building a core of experience and expertise around our teams.

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