Divisionalisation Policy U12's

Divisionalisation Policy U12's

To maximise participation and competitiveness we are committed to the goal of two teams per age group, ensuring we offer the optimal playing environment for players of all standards through all age groups.

Divisionalisation begins with the Under 12 age group. At Mosman Swans the grading process takes account of player maturity, group harmony and overall team competitiveness across both divisions. For player retention and development we seek to avoid having one dominant team and one weaker, non-competitive team in an age group. Post divisionalisation we are no longer Reds and Whites, we are Div 1 and Div 3 (Bloods and Warriors). Players represent their age group and many will move between the two teams over the course of a season, as coaches balance the needs of the respective sides over time.

In accordance with the new age group focus, all Under 12 players train as one group through the preseason. Prior to round one the appointed coaches agree on two squads of equal size, aiming for:

  • competitive teams in both divisions
  • facilitating friendships where practical
  • a balanced split of former Red/Whites across both divisions.

The initial squads will be revised week to week in accordance with respective needs of the two teams. There is likely to be little difference between the top group of div 3 players and div 1- we maximum options with this group of players by moving them between teams depending on competitive situation, availability and performance.

All subsequent training sessions are to have some combined exercises between the two squads.

Coaching mentors are to have a consultative role in the process, with oversight provided by the Youth Football Coordinator and the Football Committee.

Relevant Laws:

AFL rules in divisionalised age groups require we have 10 players on a "Restricted Player List" (RPL) who are not eligible to play in the lower division. These players make up the nucleus of the higher division and will be the only players not expected to play in the lower division, should rebalancing be required.

Finals eligibility rules dictate players cannot play in lower division finals if they played a greater number of games in a higher grade (or age group). Coaches need to note this when rotating players through the lower division and ensure sufficient players are finals qualified for both divisions. It is generally easier to qualify players from the next age group down and this is an important alternative when extra players are required.

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